I Had Deep Romance With My Cousin This Morning (Did I Do Wrong?)

My cousin is 21, be 22 this year.

I don’t know what happened, she was in my room and suddenly she started watching porn on my phone.

I told her I was getting high, and she should get out of my room, she refused instead started touching me.

And the truth is I’ve fascinated about having sex with that my cousin her body is very beautiful.

Now we started romancing before I knew myself both of us were naked.

I was trying to resist her, and she too was trying to resist me, but we just couldn’t.

We didn’t have sex at last after much resistance from my side and her side.

This is very serious now because I am now thinking so dirty since I wake up.

She now said I’ve made her to be coming to my room to bleep and make love.

She was busy telling me my dick is very big, and how her current BF can’t even satisfy her.

And how she feels my dick can do a lot.

Jeez this is my cousin bikonu.

Now, I woke up I feel somehow.

…but same time feel sexy looking at high or should I say Hot.

God what do I do

How can I start resisting her stop see her as my sexy cousin?

What Should I Do?


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